Health Department 

Patrick Goi
Departmental Director



The Western Highlands Mission Adventist Health Department of the Seventh – day Church is established purposely to assist the church in fulfilling the mission of the church which is to proclaim the loving grace of God and provide an environment where people can be natured through various health care and health promotion services.

We are working closely in partnership with the Department of National Health of PNG, AusAids, UNICEF, Provincial Government, Provincial Health Department, SPD, CMC and other donors. We hope within the next five years to see some changes and development take place.

Our Focus Areas for the five years period (2011-2016).

a) Health Administration and Management – leadership strengthening.

b) Human resource capacity building in health delivery.

c) Health promotion initiatives and information Education & Communication resource

d) Strengthening of current church health facilities & its health services.

e) Health project development (infrastructures), management and implementation.



To improve and effectively provide better health promotion and curative health services, hence to fulfil the mission of the church through the Adventist Health Department planned strategies, and to contribute towards the PNG National Health Goals.


  1. To strengthen the Administration and Management of the current WHM Adventist Health Department by providing /equipping the office of the Health Secretary/Director with appropriate health leadership and planning skills.
  2. To strengthen the current workforce of the WHM Health Department, by providing appropriate health knowledge and skills through health trainings for effective delivery of health & health promotion services in the church institutions and community at large.
  3. To mobilize the churches and its institutions in health promotion strategies to address the impact of lifestyle, behavioral and environmental health issues such as; HIV/AIDS, Malaria, on communicable diseases or lifestyle diseases, acute respiratory infection & diarrhea which impose threat to the health and wellbeing of the church members, children and community.
  4. To strengthen and improve the current Adventist Health Services and its facilities to a required standard in order to provide effective and quality health services such as; outpatient, inpatient care, immunization, safe motherhood, maternal care, safe clean water and community health promotion.
  5. To develop, design and implement health project proposals based on identified health issues for WHM Health Services.


Activities carry out

  1. Health promotion on safe motherhood
  2. Mobile Immunization
  3. Foot Patrol immunization
  4. Ante natal care
  5. Family Planning
  6. Health promotion on lifestyle diseases/ non communicable diseases & HIV and AIDS
  7. VCT (Voluntary counseling & Testing on mothers, fathers and who is wiling to do the test on them.
  8. PPTCT clinics (Preventing Parents to Child Transmission) done at the clinic.
  9. Supervise delivery at health facilities.
  10. Screening of patients, examination, treating them, or admit them etc.

N.B our field health workers are doingexactly the tasks doctors do at the hospitals.


WHM Health Facilities

We have the following health facilities in place (WHP).

  1. Togoba health centre
  2. Tomba health sub-centre
  3. Paglum health sub-centre
  4. Mitiku health sub-centre
  5. Tombil health sub-centre
  6. Minjmu health sub-centre
  7. Bamnie Aid Post
  8. Kon Madag Aid Post
  9. Kum Aid Post
  10. Kurup Aid Post
  11. Pepeka Aid Post
  12. Koroba Hospital (SHP)