Personal Ministries

Pastor Samuel Molen
Personal Ministries Director


Mission Goals

To make the local church a training centre enabling individuals to become vibrant Christian nurtured in all aspects of human life willing to share their hope in the coming of Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement

With the world church WHM Personal Ministries Department  will strive to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by Sharing the everlasting gospel based on Rev. 14:6-12 and care and groom those who respond to the  call.


Objectives of the Department

  • To see all church members leading others to accept Jesus Christ as theirpersonal Savior.
  • To nurture Spiritual growth and community
  • To develop and enhance corporate unity and purpose
  • To enrich individual and congregational Worship
  • To equip ministers and membership to use their Spiritual Gifts
  • Encourage individuals, families and Community to embrace Seventh-dayAdventist Life style and Invite people within  our sphere to join this communityof believers and prepare for the imminent return of Jesus Christ.


The in this part of the Papua New Guinea Union Mission is growing rampantly. Made easy by the cultural norms and values where everyone is valued among the community.  No one is an Island and no one lives for himself or herself, however, the corporate ideas and activity automatically wind them to live , act and move decisively together.  These infect are the motivational realities of the rapid growth.

 The Personal Ministries Department is confident that working together with the three Officers and other Directors, that the membership will grow by 50% up in 2015 from 62, 200 now.  Also we are optimistic that the vibrancy of every individuals will accrue with the Christian virtues that are value to inherit Gods eternal Kingdom at the least.